Action Learning

This course has been a really unique experience for me. It has allowed me to learn meaningful lessons from a unique real-world experience. I believe that among all the courses I have taken, this one goes beyond grades. It is not a course where the focus will be to get good grades, but the focus will be to gain real-world experience by working with real clients to help them solve real-world problems. This course has not only helped me gain real-world experience, but it has also given me an excellent overview of how a career in Technology or IT Consulting looks like. Though I had experience working on a consulting project before entering this course, I never worked on technology or IT consulting projects. Therefore, this course has been a great learning curve about a project related to IT Consulting. 

One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this course is how to work with a team in a hybrid environment. Our client call and internal team meetings were online, though the course was in person. Therefore, it was a great blend of online and in-person learning. It has been a great experience of communicating with the client every week and interviewing a key stakeholder during our project. It has really helped me improve my communication skills and has bestowed me with a great experience of dealing with a client during any phase of the project. In addition, our team also had a great opportunity to interview the key stakeholders at some point during our project. It was a great experience because it allowed us to communicate and interview someone outside of our point of contact, learn their perspective, and apply it to our project. 

Therefore, with BADM 395 IOP, I was able to be part of the project where I learned strong technical and soft skills, which will be very helpful in my job. 

Furthermore, as I mentioned before, I have worked on consulting projects in the past; however, it will never match the amount of learning experience I have received from BADM 395 IOP. In BADM 395 IOP, I learned how a consulting project works from beginning to end. I learned how to prepare a team charter, prepare a project, create a Gantt Chart, and make an issue tree. These are some of the unique experiences I never had exposure to before taking this class. 

Finally, through this class and our project, I learned several different skills that will help me succeed in my career. I plan to go into the career of technology consulting, and the skills I have developed from our project will help me a lot ahead in my career. One of the essential skills that I have developed from our project is problem-solving skills. I have learned how to immediately take action for your problem and reflect upon the results. 

Thus, BADM 395 IOP has been one of the most rewarding classes I have taken in college. Over the last 14-16 weeks, I had a great action learning experience and have grown up as a person both professionally and personally.