Having an Open-Mind

As I reflect on this semester, there are a lot of key takeaways from this course that will help me in my future professional development. However, one key takeaway I will have from this course is having an open mind. I personally feel this is such an important characteristic to have in your everyday lives because your team members have so many valuable contributions to the project. For example, with this project it was very important to work on the assigned work with teams. As one can infer, I have become an individual who approaches projects with an open mind. It has become very apparent from this project and also from the classes I have taken at UofI the importance of working cross-functionally. In everyone’s future careers you will be working with team members who represent various different departments of a company. Those team members specialize in different parts of the company’s overall mission statement as the company and have major contribution margins. As a team, we interacted with multiple professionals from Conagra who were able to provide us with a lot of valuable insight with the company’s supply chain. They had so much knowledge and experience with the company, so we all really enjoyed hearing about all the valuable points they were able to provide to the team. They brought up ideas that we did not even consider that really helped support the implementation of our project. By having this open mind when approaching our project this semester it is also really important to remember to never be afraid to ask questions. By asking questions to team members and key stakeholders of your project, you will be able to learn so much from them and it will help drive major improvements in your project’s overall deliverable. Moving onto another key takeaway I had from this project was how to be an effective team leader. I took the responsibility of being the team leader for our group. I was a little bit scared earlier on in the semester if I was being a good leader for our group, but after receiving feedback from our group during the mid-point reflection I was able to see I was having positive impacts on the members of the team. Being a good leader is something you can never be perfect at because there is always room for improvement, there is always room to grow. That is something I was definitely able to take away from this semester is that there is so much to learn when trying to become an effective leader for your team. Overall, there was so much I took away from this project this semester. It is so crazy to see how much I grew as a leader throughout this semester. I was able to gain so much confidence in myself throughout this semester, where I felt our final deliverable was very impactful for the company. Our team basically participated in an internship this semester where we were able to use skills developed in our various classes and apply them to the work we were doing with our client. Both our client and the team were able to have major takeaways from this project. As a team, we are looking forward to using the professional skills we developed from this project to our future career endeavors.