Fall 2022 Projects

The focus for this semester is on blockchain/Web3 projects, with a preference for those funded by protocols and foundations, such as Solana, Avalanche, Filecoin, Graph, and more. This is part of a bigger focus on the move to develop a pipeline of students who understand this rapidly evolving technology with use cases across many industries.

We will continue to work on projects in analytics or other tech-enabled transformation. Here is a current list of projects we are pursuing and some are confirmed.

Process Mining – Evaluate processes and identify inefficiencies and rework processes to save the firm money. We will be using a tool from the firm, Celonis.

Customizing large language models such as GPT-3 for particular domains, so they are easier/cheaper to use and more effective at giving predictions relevant to the use case.

Building Subgraphs and doing analytics with the Graph Protocol – Build subgraphs for a protocol, and generate awareness and how-to guides to be used in a course to onboard business students to using subgraphs with graphQL.

Storing public university data on decentralized storage (Filecoin) – Identify public data generated by the university or research groups, which needs to be public. Study the feasibility of storing this on Filecoin. Analyze the cost/benefits of this solution, and create an onboarding guide that can be used by other universities to explore decentralized storage of public data. – Grant request pending with Filecoin

A data-driven analysis of Web3 competitiveness – Is the US losing Web 3 talent? Are new Web3 ventures more likely to incorporate outside the US? – Grant pending with the Solana Foundation.