Brand New Outlook on Life

When I first decided to take this course, I could not have envisioned the changes that it would have on my outlook towards team projects and teamwork in general. Unlike most individuals within the course, I had prior experience with the system that my group would be using, automation anywhere. However, applying my knowledge in a way that would benefit the team and our final deliverable in general was unknown to me. In the past, I had used the system individually to work on a purely financial role. However, I now needed to work with a team and had to apply the software to something a lot more technical and something out of my comfort zone. Because of this, it took a lot of teamwork and relying on my teammates to create a meaningful project for the client. As a result of this necessity for teamwork, my team actually was able to build a strong bond with each other very quickly. We were able to openly be critical with each other and could rely on each other to be responsible to meet deadlines. In past group projects, you never knew if everyone would hold up their end of the deal, but with this project there was no doubt we were gonna get it done. Along with that, we were always looking for ways to motivate each other. When someone would become complacent or content with their work, we would always push each other to find something to improve upon. If someone felt like they weren’t giving their fair share, we put in the work to make it up to each other. I will admit there was a good week that I had felt that I let the team down. However, you just have to put your head down and make it up to them by putting in the work next week. For us, it was a week by week basis, and I am proud about what we had accomplished. I don’t think you could have a closer and better team than what we had.

Along with the teamwork aspect, I got good experience dealing with clients in a professional manner. As someone who has had multiple internships all in finance and all at the same company. It was nice being provided an experience to work within my major and with another company. There are not many times that someone can say that they had an internship with a large corporation within a school year, but I can. I also feel more comfortable working with individuals who are more experienced and are older than me. At times it can be daunting when you feel like “the new guy”, but they were welcoming and I will take how I approached working with them when I start my full time position this summer. I will also hope to be just as accommodating when I one day need to work with that new person who doesn’t know as much as me.

I will 100% take what I experienced with this team and contribute it to future teams I have in my career starting this summer. I have greatly enjoyed my time taking this course, while sometimes I may have felt overwhelmed, the work was well worth it.